Advantages and Disadvantages of a Crawlspace Foundation

Crawlspace Foundation: a Good Choice or Not?

Is a crawlspace the best foundation for your house? It is an interesting question that we at Foundation Repair McKinney can answer.

Crawlspaces are cheaper, but they can have many disadvantages that are not talked about much. One of these disadvantages is the lack of space in them. They also lack head room and may be difficult to access if you do not have a stair lift or ramp built into it. The pros, on the other hand, include lower cost and easier installation.

Other pros to crawlspace foundation include being more energy efficient, less expensive to construct and maintain, can be used on sloping or uneven ground whereas basements are limited by the natural grade of the land.

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Also, they are perfect for when you live in areas that are prone to flooding. There is also the issue of humidity with crawlspaces, but this can be remedied by installing a dehumidifier and making sure your vents are not blocked so you do not have mold growing.

It is important to note though that if there has been damage anywhere on the foundation due to termites or other decay problems it may leak into the crawlspace causing further issues for you home. This might only become apparent after an inspection when repairs need to happen on both your house and under it as well depending on where any leaks originate from. Also, some people just think they feel spookier because of their location underground which makes them less desirable than above ground options like basements or slab.

Crawlspaces have many other disadvantages too, including being difficult if you get stuck inside during a storm with no exit route available. They also lack headroom which may affect storage space in your home depending on where it is located under your house. This foundation type typically has poor air circulation that could lead to moisture build up over time resulting in mold growth which can damage support beams, floor joists and studs not only ruining them but posing a health hazard for occupants living below this area. Crawlspaces should never be entered without protective equipment such as breathing masks because they contain the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide that could lead to suffocation.

Crawlspaces are not for everyone and should be considered on a case by case basis before building one.