Going on a Non-toxic Fasting Cleanse

11 Vital Steps to Quit Alcohol and Cigarettes

There are many reasons people quit smoking and drinking. Some do it to become healthier, some do it for their relationships, and some simply want to live without the constant reminder of addiction. Whatever your reason is for quitting alcohol or cigarettes, there are ways you can go about doing this in a safe manner. In this article we will discuss eleven steps that will help you detox from toxins through fasting, which is one of the safest methods currently available! Sober Living in Utah is the best and you should try it.

Step One: We have already mentioned how smoking and drinking can be toxic for your body, but what exactly are the benefits of fasting? Fasting is a process that eliminates toxins from one’s system by not eating food or drink.

Sober Living in Utah

The human liver has an amazing ability to clear out harmful substances which may accumulate during periods when we do not consume any foods containing sugar or alcohol. This detoxification method will also give you the energy necessary to complete it in one go!

Step Two: You can make a deal with your friends or family to help you stay sober. This can be done by agreeing on a daily check-in time or an alarm that goes off every hour, whichever works best for everyone involved. It is also important not to let your friends drive if they are intoxicated and make sure people know about what your plans are so there’s no chance of them tempting you with alcohol!

Step Three: Start practicing good habits early in the day rather than later as it will give you a better shot at success. If practiced first thing in the morning, this habit will set up the tone for the rest of your day which will result in less stress and long lasting changes for those who stick with it.