The Pros and Cons of Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments: Pros and Cons

Mobile payments have been a hot topic for the past few years, and in this blog post we will be discussing the pros and cons of them. These days you can’t go anywhere without hearing about how much people love their mobile wallets or how they are never going back to carrying cash ever again. But what are some of the downsides? Is it really worth ditching your wallet? BlueSnap will show you both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision!

Pros: You can use your mobile wallet anywhere anytime with no need for cash or a credit card. This is especially true if you are using NFC technology like Apple Pay, which requires just the touch of two phones to make a purchase! No more carrying around piles and piles of money on days when you happen to be lugging around children in addition to all of your other belongings. Just tap away while keeping one hand free at all times.


The convenience factor cannot be understated; having the ability to store everything from gift cards (which often come preloaded) and loyalty rewards points right on your phone means that it’s always there without any effort required whatsoever – so much better than digging through pockets looking for loose change or forgetting to bring your wallet with you for a night out on the town.

Cons: There is no getting around it; mobile payments can get expensive quickly if used excessively and without restraint. This means that although they are great when only occasionally needed, any time you put small purchases onto your card – like coffee at Starbucks every morning or chips from the convenience store – those charges add up in quite an alarming manner! Sometimes people forget about certain transactions as well; what happens if there were three $0.99 purchases one day but only two of them show up? That’s lost money, my friend! It also bears mentioning that some companies charge exorbitant fees just for having their cards downloaded on your phone – so be sure to research those fees before you download the app.

Many people also worry about security and privacy issues; if someone gets ahold of your phone, they have control over all of your personal financial information which could lead to identity theft or other serious repercussions that would be completely devastating! Mobile payments are fantastic in theory but not always so great when put into practice – so it is important to weigh out both sides with care before making any final decisions.