How to Start a Personal Blog: The Definitive Guide

Start Your Own Blog: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Do you have a passion that needs to be shared? Is there an idea you’ve had for years but never followed through on? Create your own personal blog! It’s easier than ever with all of the free blogging platforms available.

Choose a blogging platform. This is the first step because the blogging platform will determine what other steps you should take. Some options are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Squarespace (my personal favorite).

Decide what you want your blog to be about: This will help you pick the perfect blog platform. Choose something you actually care about or it will be difficult to keep up with.

Personal Blog

Pick a name for your site that best describes what you’ll write about and register the domain URL (address) of your choosing. There are many places where domains can be purchased, but my personal favorite is Namecheap because of their great prices, excellent customer service team, and lifetime warranties on all registered domains.

Fill out the basics for your new blog name, username, and password. When choosing your username keep in mind that it has to be unique so no one else can use it. And make sure your name is also available in case someone wants to steal it! Otherwise, anyone could pretend they are you! Next comes deciding what password you want for logging into the dashboard of your blog. Don’t choose something obvious like qwerty or 123456…that’s just asking for trouble from hackers who want access to all of your information on file with Google/the blogging platform.

Create content for your blog: This is the fun part! You can write about whatever you want, however often you like. The key is to make sure your content keeps people coming back for more by making it interesting/engaging and staying on topic with what your blog represents.